"Vossemole": the establishment

“Vossemole”  is located in the Tuscan-Romagnolo Appenine Hills at 500meters above sea level. This marvellous biological farming-agriculture establishment has been owned and managed by the Catani family for many years. Its 172 acres sprawl across a peaceful valley that make up a tapestry of golden grain farming land and thick green woods.

Chestnut groves

This area of Italy is famous for its wooded areas full of chestnuts and berries. During the month of October one can participate in the celebrated harvest of the “marron buono” ( premium chestnuts) that are certified IGP at the Marradi

The Abbey

Frequently when San Pier Damiano travelled from Faenza to Florence, he left the ordinary path in search of roads that lead to places of overwhelming natural beauty and solitude. Only when he found these special places did he pass his days in hermitage. Here in the Acerreta Valley, San Pier Damiano found such harmoniously peaceful hideaways, and it is also here, where he founded the Acereto Valley Abbey in 1053. The interior of the “Badia della Valle” abbey is comprised of two rustic apartments  and a small museum.

In a farmhouse nearby, " Vossemole di Sotto ", there are two other apartments and a common room with bunk beds for a receptivity dedicated to groups of hikers.

Farming Museum

One of the homestead rooms houses a small agricultural exhibit demonstrating the old farming tools that were used by the local farmers around the 1800’s. Your hosts will gladly provide you with detailed descriptions of the agricultural instruments used and the method in which the farmers devised their own measurement system.